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J1-Visa applications

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there are many reasons to use the J1-Visa ...

J1 Visa Application Services

The comprehensive Chamber Member J1-Visa program services provides our members and associates with a first-class service to assist with the visa application, develop training programs, interview and selections, and most important support both during and after the visa period.

There are many reasons to use the J1-Visa program. 

For a Swedish Company:
  • Want to send someone to a client or venture partners to learn or coach to open a new market.
  • Send a co-worker for further studies and education with a client or venture partner.
  • Send your representation to open a new market.
  • and much more..
For an Arizona Company:
  • Collaborate with a Swedish venture partner to learn about your business to bring products and services to Sweden.
  • Open up for an international Internship-Trainee position for broadening your horizons to a global market.
  • Bring a Swedish Associate over for training your staff to meet future market demands.
  • and much more..

Chamber Services:

The Chamber assists with the J1-Visa Application Process and Program, including:

  • on-site evaluations of Arizona applicant 
  • application posting in Swedish networks
  • application process administration
  • selections and interviews
  • writing required training programs
  • during visa internship-trainee assistance
  • post internship-trainee follow-up 

Contact us for more detailed information and pricing.

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