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Promoting Trade, Commerce and Investments between Sweden and Arizona since 1996

SACC academy 

Upgrade your professional skillset

Welcome to SACC Academy. The purpose of the SACC Academy is to provide members of SACC Arizona and its partner organizations an opportunity to upgrade their professional skillset in various areas while networking and fostering new business relationships. 

The Academy is a series of three half-day workshops per year with small groups. The workshops are highly interactive and aim to equip the participants with practical and applicable tools.

There is a small fee for each session, which will cover conference room costs and light refreshments. All presenters in the SACC Academy is presenting on a voluntary basis, and will not be reimbursed for their time. The presenters are also not allowed to sell their products or services during the workshops.

Program for SACC Academy 2018

Storytelling in Business
February 15, 2018

Stories are the most powerful influence tool in our Influence Toolbox. Stories evokes emotions. Stories speaks to the heart. Stories engages and motivates people.

This workshop provides the participants with a framework to help build powerful Business Stories. We will discuss tips and tricks and share some effective recommended practices.

Difficult Conversations
May 17, 2018

Every day is filled with difficult conversations. We must set boundaries with our manager. We have to deliver a negative message to a customer. We must provide tough feedback to co-worker.

This workshop provides effective and practical tools to help the participants prepare, plan, and deliver difficult conversations.

Effective Meetings
October 18, 2018

We live in a global world where our customers are everywhere. Running effective meetings both in person and virtually is a key skillset to communicate with customers and manage teams and groups

This workshop will cover several tools and techniques to effectively plan, structure, and deliver engaging and interactive meetings in person and virtually.

Your instructor

Johan Magnusson is a Senior Business Consultant, Executive Coach, Instructional Designer and Corporate Trainer, with an extraordinary track record of creating customer value. 

Johan has led and designed multiple Strategic Corporate Initiatives and Training Programs for companies like Microsoft, GE, Amazon, PwC, Atlas Copco, KPMG and Philips worldwide. 

He has been awarded the highest rated trainer globally for Microsoft worldwide multiple times. His background includes managing and leading Sales and Consulting organizations, facilitating world-class training programs, and developing and delivering Change Management programs for Fortune 50 companies. 

Johan is a highly energetic storyteller and his sessions are always designed with interaction and practical application in mind. 

He is currently working on his first Management Book: "Unclusterf***ed - How to manage expectations in Business."

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